Real Time Ultrasound (RTU)

The Physiotherapists at Pindara Physiotherapy have been using Real Time Ultrasound for over 10 years, to assist the recovery and aid prevention of your back, pelvic, groin and hip problems.

Our specially trained Physiotherapists can image the deep muscles in your back, lower abdominal area and pelvis using the Ultra Sound to check if they are working correctly (getting these muscles to switch on at the right time is critical here.) In some people, with particularly severe long term problems, these muscles may not be working at all!

It is important to learn how to activate the inner unit of muscles in your abdominal region, back and pelvic floor. Your muscles can be seen "live" and in "real time" using RTU. This is a great way to really make sure your core muscles are doing what they should, to enhance core stability and improve motor control in any painful spine and pelvic conditions. The research behind this is proudly Australian and is world leading.

Ask your Physiotherapist to show you which muscles should be working and how to activate them correctly using Ultrasound.

RTU appointments usually take 30 minutes and can be booked through reception.