Our History

Back in 1979...

The Pindara Sports Clinic was established to serve the needs of the growing Gold Coast population. Managed by Scott Ramsay, the son of the original founders of Pindara Hospital, Gwen and Allan Ramsay, it grew to be one of the largest Fitness Centres in Australia, at one stage boasting 2000 members! Within its walls there was a state of the art Gymnasium, Circuit rooms, Pool, Restaurant, Hair salon and of course aerobics (we are talking 80’s Lycra after all!). A centre such as this just begged for a Sports Medicine Clinic. 

In 1986, Richard Newton arrived from Melbourne as a fresh faced Physiotherapist, with big goals for the clinic and an even bigger "Mullet" hairstyle. Having worked with one of Melbourne's most well known Physios Barry Richardson, Richard had a great grounding in Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy. The seed was planted and started to grow quickly.

Paul Trainor, also from the Barry Richardson stable joined a few years later. Paul and Richard took on the Physiotherapists role with the original Brisbane Bears as well as a multitude of other Sports teams and high profile individual athletes.

The fitness centre was sold in 1993, to make more room for the ever expanding Pindara Hospital, but thanks to the foresight of the Ramsay family, a new, purpose built Physiotherapy clinic was built and houses the Clinic as it is today.

The current clinic is a true multi-disciplinary Sports Medicine clinic with Physiotherapists, Sports Physician, Podiatrists, Massage Therapists, Dietician, Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologist, MedX Spinal Condition Facility and Gym, all backed up by our award winning Reception Team.

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