Learn to Run Sessions

Running injuries are probably the most common sporting injury that presents to our clinic. 

Running fast or running slow, experienced or novice runners alike, there's no doubt running is tough on the body. There is no doubt, that it is one of the most frustrating issues for patients.

As well as our cutting edge approaches in soft tissue management (tissue strength, flexibility, joint mobility etc.) the "way" you run can be just as important to injury management as treatment itself.

Some of our Physiotherapists are experts in analysis of your running action and changing this to a way which is much more muscle, tendon, or joint "friendly".

And no... we didn't learn this from books or lectures... we learnt the hard way, having experienced frustrating injuries ourselves, and delving into running mechanics way before it was popular.
Running programs appropriate for your age, and level of experience are also critical.

If you continually find yourself suffering after running, book in now for a running mechanics assessment and program review, or ask your Physiotherapist about this on your next visit to us.

Richard Newton, Physiotherapist and keen runner

Richard & Hardy with the legendary Nicholas Romanov, founder of Pose Running and Deb Savage