• Medx has helped with my symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia. After a session, my body is not as stif or aching. I feel stronger now. I also enjoy the individual attention.i am very happy to have medx as part of my health regime, plus to be more flexible and with less pain and the atmosphere is friendly
    Anne reid: 69/f
  • Medx has relived my arthritic stiffness, has improved my shoulder strength and all around improvement in movement and fitness. I also love the opportunity to discuss health in general + ways to improve diet, fitness and well being. Staff are always cheerful and positive. I love going to my sessions even if i'm feeling a bit "off"
    Marlene smith: 67/f
  • Medx has greatly increased the range of motion in my back and helped me build stregnth generally. Medx allows me to perform exercises in a safe and controlled way. It allows me to build strenth and range of motion gradually. I feel and see the results each week which encourages me to keep going. Medx is a safe and efective program that is tailored to your specific needs. It allows you to build strength and cofidence gradually. As part of a balanced diet and exercise program, medx has helped me lose weight (25 kilos) and tone up as well as giving me much more confidence in a ability to do things that used to cause me severe back pain
    John gorman: 47/m
  • I have noticed it has reduced my headaches now that i have strengthened my neck and shoulder muscles, especially after i play tennis, and i have more general stamina
    Christine pelerman: 62/f
  • I have had a double disc replacement and have cercial spine problems. As a result sof medx, instead of being protective and defensive, i have become proactive and enjoy movement again. Medx gets the good parts moving, creates agility and confidence
  • If it wasn't for medx, i would be on more meds for pain relief; therefore it has helped in a big way. I enjoy medx because it's a short exercise program to strengthen my back and fits into the day and i know my spine has its stretch for the week and relieves the tightness in my neck. It's the best thing i have ever done for myself. It helps me to cope with my injury.i do get pain buts its better than before i started the Program and its going to be a part of my life so i wont go backwards anymore, only forwards and get the benefits that will improve my wellbeing
  • Medx has helped increase my strength in a lower back and mid section after 2 lower back operations. I have increased flexibility and enjoy better wellbeing all around. I also feel the medx machines used are very beneficial and i have used lots of machines over my years
  • "after suffering for several years from a reoccurring herniated l4 & l5 disc, i already feel stronger throughout my core and all pain has gone after only 2 months of medx. Its unique in the way it targets core strengthening, yet gives my whole body a complete workout in little under one hour. Because of the controled smooth action and the nature of the machines, i don't get as sweaty after a medx workout, meaning i can go straight to work afterwards. It's a personal friendly environment, with qualified staff ensuring that every movement is done exactly right. The staff also set up the medx machines to suit your requirements and manage your personalised program
    Brett arnott: 40/m
  • It has provided me with a regular exercise program which is adjusted to suit my individual needs as my strength builds up. I believe it has improved my body shape and muscle tone considerably over the last six months. I enjoy the program because all the machines are designed to improve core body strength without causing injury. I like the fact that an exercise physiologist supervises all training sessions and the numbers are limited per session, so that all participants receive individual attention when necessary. Being flexible is something that becomes very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we grow older, therefore i have decided to make a lifestyle change and incorporate the medx program in my weekly routine
    Narelle flanagan: 53/f
  • Medx has strengthened my body. It has given me much greater mobility in the abdominal region. It has balanced and toned the abdominal region. It has also caused my muscle memory to return. I have also had a decrease in flatulence and a greater regularity with daily functions due to the "balance" that has been created. I have more energy and a greater sense of well being
    Kathryn wilson: 55/f
  • Medx has helped build up my core muscles for my scoliosis. Better sleep and posture. It also helps stretch out my whole body as well as strengthen
    Miho goto: 30/f
  • Major improvements in back strength also through arms, legs, stomach and improved flexibility. I can enjoy my leisure activities more, do more in the garden, and all with much reduced pain and discomfort and most often no pain at all! I feel safe and have confidence in the equipment and personnel. Medx is the single most outstanding approach to core and spinal strengthening i have encountered after struggling with serious spinal challenges for over 5 years
    Peter lyons: 60/m